Precision machined arms are made special time

Precision machined arms are made special time

Precision machined arms are made special time


Pair Watch

Perfect as a gift!

It is double the fun if you look for a four-leaf clover with someone else!

Wear it with someone on a special day. Normally, two-leaf clovers dance around, like butterflies, on the face of the watch, and pleasantly mark the time.



"YOTSUHAZIKAN" means moment of four leaves.

"YOTSUHAZIKAN" is a watch in which four-leaf clover appears once every hour.

If you find a four-leaf clover, when you look at the time, it will bring you a warm feeling.

This is a lucky watch that brings a small joy to your daily life.


Theme of design

The keyword is "synchronization".

For watches, long arms and short arms are important functional parts. I wanted to produce a moving design with these two.

And I found the moment of synchronizing them. Arms, which was a separate futaba, forms a clover. It can be discovered that there are several times in the day or not.

And, when you discover it by chance, there may be other people confirming the time in the same way.

A moment of happiness is added to watching the clock. And, at the same moment there is a person who shares "Happy" time like yourself.

I wanted to build such a happy synchronization device.

It turns your daily passing time into a special moment. That is the characteristic of "YOTSUHAZIKAN".


History of development

The key to development is the needle forming technology to form delicate four-leaf patterns. And it becomes the issue that to use the heavy needle emphasizing the design load to the movement is large, and keep the accuracy as a clock.

I asked Misuzu Corporation to develop and made a precision mold for forming arms. I realized delicate clover every hour. And, by using the movement of the power type, we cleared the problem of accuracy due to the weight load of the arms.

It is difficult to incorporate the movement of the long arms and short arms into the design element directly. Please check the design watch which nobody has ever seen until now.



Designer : Terumasa Koike

I was in charge of the interior and the exterior in the design department of the automobile company.
After independence I will deal with future image design of aircraft, railroad cars etc.
"YOTSUHAZIKAN" will be the first original brand item.


Case diameter:37mm
Case thickness:9mm
Belt width:18mm
Movement made in Japan
Mineral glass windshield
Real leather belt
water resistant
1 year warranty
Color:White, Rose


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"YOTSUHAZIKAN" is stopped and shipped in the state of four leaves at 5:27 for treating the product image and for long-lasting battery.

Before using it, turn the crown as it is, adjust the time and push the crown. Your Four-leaf Time starts there.



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